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Would you like to add on the Badlands Born three-book audiobook bundle for $19.99?

The first three novels in Wade Peterson’s Badlands Born  series, a portal fantasy with a post-apocalyptic twist.

NOTE: these audiobooks use an AI Narrator. While the books have been vetted by the author, some nuances of cadence and emotion are missing, often laughably so. The audiobooks are intended for those who want a pleasant-enough audiobook experience but aren’t expecting Shakespeare in the park.

Badlands Born

Jasmine Shaw believed death would solve all her problems. But instead of reconnecting with her deceased twin brother, she wakes up in a grim desert afterlife where zombies want to munch on her flesh and indestructible psycho samurai hunts for her head.

Badlands Cursed

Jasmine continues the search for her brother outside the Badlands, armed with his dark secret and her own emerging powers. But the afterlife is even stranger than she imagined as she encounters her brother’s desperate failures at creating a more perfect hereafter. Hunted and betrayed, she must fix this broken land before her inner flaws plunge it into greater darkness.

Enter The Samurai

When their jailbreak goes sideways, Cora Pierson and John Skye release the prison camp’s most dangerous prisoner, a lunatic calling himself Kikuchiyo, the infamous Blood Weeper. With the Imperials in pursuit and the Badlands curse corrupting their flesh, they risk crossing the wasteland’s deadly border. What they discover on the other side will change the afterlife forever.